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      The observatory, which is situated on the area of 16 hectares, was built in 1920 ( officially opened in 1923 ), and was founded by Albert Rudolf Bosscha. Since 1959 the management was handed over to ITB ( the then Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the University of Indonesia), under direction of Prof Dr The Pik Sin. And since 1968 The Pik Sin was succeeded by Prof Bambang Hidayat.
     " As it is situated in the equator , the observatory is able to observe the northern part as well as the southern part of globe. This is unique, Tis observatory was made into existence thanks to private endeavor. Seven year afterwards it received subsidy from the government. The initiative of founding the observatory was taken by the family of a tea plantation owner, based on ethical and scientific point of view,” wrote two dutch astronomers Dr KA Van der Hucht and Prof Dr CLM Kerkhoven in the Dutcht astronomical magazine Zenith of July/August 1982 issue, entitled “The Bosscha observatory, from tea to the science of stars.”
      Karel Albert Bosscha was born in Den haag , on May 15, 1865. His father , J Bosscha Sr, was a physicist, who became professor in the military Academy in Breda and Director of Polytechnical School in Delft. Rudolf Bosscha left for the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and started work at Sinagar, in Cibadak Plantation, which was owned by his uncle, EJ Kerkhoven. IN 1902, he received a message from his father saying that he should do something for the progress of astronomical research in the Indies (Indonesia).”The number of observatories in the southern part of the globe is still limited.” Said his father,and Rudolf Boscha received this message with grat enthusiasm.
      In 1920, Rudolf Bosscha and his Nephew, Rudolf Kerkhoven, taked to a Dutch astronomer, named Voute. In the talks, Bosscha offered to pay the expenses of constructing a giant telescope that should have the same quality as those owned by other modern observatories in the world at that time. In the same year the association of the East Indies Astronomers was founded, in Bandung. Trough this association, Rudolf Bosscha develoved his idea of erecting an observatory.
     The Association had agreed to give the name of Bosscha Observatory, named after Prof Dr J Bosscha sr, Rudolf Bosscha’s father, as a tribute to the one who had initiated the idea of constructing an observatory and had since striven for its realization in Holland.The Bosscha observatory was officially opened on January 1, 1923, on which occation the Governor General, Mr D fock was present. Voute was appointed the first director of the observatory.
     The giant refractor weighing 17 ton was installed in 1928 . Two telescopes with objective lens of 60 cm in diameter, were installed in one tube with 166 cm in diameter was placed under the dome which has 15 meters in diameter and can be turned to all direction.See more

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